My Mini B18C Type-R Spec R Build
by: Benoit Lefebvre

Checklist for completion

This is an ongoing checklist, it's far from completed.
You may see some missing steps, this is normal!

-----[ Beginning of the project (February 2015)]-----

[X] Find engine/Transmission (B18C Type-R Spec R '98+)
	[X] Engine/Transmission removed from seller car and in my garage
	[X] Valves cover replacement (Old owner wants to keep his cover (Custom painted))
		[-] Strip all honda logo/writing
		[-] Sandblast + powdercoat
	[X] Find OBD2 Wiring Harness
	[-] Get programmable ECU (+ OBD2 to OBD1)
	Some parts to sell:
		[-] P73 ECU?
		[-] Sell Spec R intake and replace it with Edelbrock Victor X?
		[X] Sell Skunk2 Header and replace it with a 2 parts header (needed! :-()
	Work to be done on the engine:
		[-] Timing belt replacement
		[X] Valve Cover Gaskets to be replaced
		[-] Clutch replacement?
		[X] Replace driver side engine support (Current: 2 bolts, Needed: 3 bolts)
		[X] Valve Cover Washers needed (Skunk2)

[X] Order Final Drive (Team M Factory Ratio: 4.0)
	[X] Final drive shipped
	[X] Final Drive Arrived
	[X] Replace Final Drive

-----[ Milestone 1: Honda engine is ready for the swap (Target: March 2015)]-----

[X] Sell Original 1275cc Engine from the Mini
	[X] Potential buyer found, will come see the engine soon
	[X] Remove 1275cc from the Mini

-----[ Milestone 2: 1275cc is sold and out of the Mini (Target: March 2015)]-----

[X] Clean-up of the engine bay
	[X] Removal of unnecessary wiring/stuff
	[X] Degrease engine bay
	[X] Get color-matched paint for the engine bay
	[X] Repaint of the engine bay

[X] Dashboard clean-up
	[X] Removal of unnecessary wiring/stuff

[X] Order MTB2 Package from Minitec/Reseller
	[X] MTB2 Package reserved at Reseller
	[X] Pickup MTB2 Package
	[X] Minitec Radiator Kit

[X] Cut the engine bay for MTB2 subframe specifications
	[X] Sand/prime where cuts were made to avoid rust

[X] Install subframe in the Mini (Without the engine)
	[X] Remove subframe

[X] Alternator
	[X] Adjust Alternator bracket (Some grinding needed)
	[X] Install Alternator relocator bracket on engine
	[X] Install Alternator in bracket and take measurements for new strap
	[X] Get new strap (425K4 - Tight, needs crank shaft pulley to be removed)
	[X] Alternator Bracket adjustments #2

[X] Intake
	[X] Remove intake manifold from engine
	[X] Cut runners
	[x] Silicone elbows
	[X] Fit silicone elbows
	[X] Bracket to hold intake in place

[X] Install engine in the subframe
	[X] Test the fitting of the subframe with engine in the Mini
	[X] Final installation of the engine and subframe in the Mini

[X] Axles
	[X] Honda to Mini Axles Shafts (Included in MTB2 Package)
	[X] Used Honda B-Series Axles (Needed for Axle inner part)
	[X] Assemble Honda to Mini Axles
	[X] Installed on engine/subframe

-----[ Milestone 3: Honda Engine is in the car (Target: April 2015)]-----

[X] Honda Shifter Fitting
	[X] Shifter bolted in place
	[X] Honda shift rods cutting
	[X] 3/4" steel rods purchase for custom shift rods fabrication
	[X] Custom shift rods construction
	[X] Custom shift rods welded (Tack-welded only)
	[X] Shifter extention (6")
	[X] Shift knob (OEM Type-R)

[X] Fuel System
	[X] Remove all fuel lines (except 1/4" that will be reused for fuel return)
	[X] Remove fuel tank
	[X] Fuel tank modification for fuel return line
	[X] Fuel lines installation
	[X] Fuel Pump (Airtex E2000)
	[X] Fuel Filter (Russell 650133)
	[X] Fuel tank back in place
	[X] Relocate fuel pump under the car

[X] Brakes
	[X] Buy new brake lines and tools
	[X] Re-wire the front brakes
	[X] Re-wire rear brakes (front to rear line shortened)
	[X] Relocate Brake Master/Servo if needed
		[X] Cuts to be done are identified
		[X] Cuts are done
		[X] Brake Master/Servo installed
	[X] Relocate brake repartition valve
	[X] Re-wire brake repartition valve
	[X] Wire Master to repartition valve
	[X] All lines connected
	[X] New oil and lines bleeded
	[ ] 90 degree elbow adapter for brake line to caliper (Longer stainless braided lines may void this item)

[X] Clutch Master Fitting
	[X] Honda Clutch Master
	[X] Honda Clutch Master Custom Spacer
		[X] Metal pieces traced for Spacer
		[X] Metal pieces cut
		[X] All welded
	[X] Master to Slave Line (oem Honda does not fit, need new line)
	[X] Installed
		[X] Bleeded
		[X] Working

[X] Throttle Pedal
	[X] Honda Civic Cable
	[X] Pedal new mount point
		Mini pedal travel: 2.5"
		Honda throttle body travel: 1"
	[X] Drill hole in firewall for throttle cable
	[ ] Add a spring to make the pedal heavier?
	[X] Create bracket for throttle cable
	[X] Attach bracket to car and throttle cable

[X] Heater Core
	[X] Use stock bypass valve
		[X] Need new heater cable
	[-] Replace bypass valve with electronic valve
	[X] Get new rubber hose to connect the heater core
	[-] Drill new holes for the heater core hoses?

[X] Electrical Wiring
    [X] Engine wiring
    	[X] Hole in firewall for engine wiring
    	[X] Pass Engine wiring in firewall
    [X] Honda ECU installed in car
    [X] New wiring harness for front of the car
    	[X] Wired to the dash
    [X] New wiring harness for rear of the car
    	[X] 3rd Brake light installed
    	[X] Wired to the dash
    [X] Engine start
    	[X] Basic switch panel in place for ignition
    	[X] First start
    [X] Always ON Fuse Box
    	[X] Fuses # identified in a spreadsheet
    [X] Accessory ON Fuse Box
    	[X] Fises # identified in a spreadsheet
    [X] All car components wired
    	[X] Sunroof
    	[X] Headlights (low/high beam)
    	[X] Flashers
    	[X] Side Markers
    	[X] Spotlamps
    	[X] Horns
    	[X] Radiator Fan
    	[X] Water temp sensor installed and wired
    	[X] Fuel pump
    	[X] License plate
    	[X] Night driving rear lights
    	[X] Brake lights
    	[X] Reverse lights
    	[X] Wipers
    	[X] Windshield Washer pump
    	[X] 12V Outlet (under dash)
    	[X] Heater unit Fan
    [X] Dash components
    	[X] Speedometer
    	[X] Tach
    	[X] Oil Pressure Gauge
    	[X] Voltmeter
    	[X] Water temp gauge
    	[X] Fuel gauge
    	[X] AEM Wide Band (To be replaced with Autometer Old Tyme Gauge)
    	[X] Flasher Indicators (In the mail)
    	[X] Check engine indicator (In the mail)
    	[X] Highbeams indicator (In the mail)
    [X] Switchboards
    	[X] Temporary switchboards with wood
    	[-] Carbon Fiber switchboards
    	[-] Switches identified (white/transparent p-touch)
    	[X] Ignition Switchboard
    		[X] ECU Ignition
    		[X] Fuel Pump
    		[X] Engine Start
    	[X] Accessory Switchboard
    		[X] Sunroof
    		[X] Night lights
    		[X] Headlights
    		[X] Spotlamps
    		[X] Reverse fog
    		[X] Hazards
    		[X] Heater control (cold/hot pull switch)
    [X] Radio
    	[X] Under dash mounting frame
    	[X] Wires ready in the dash 
    	[X] Installed and working

[ ] New dash fabrication
	[X] Get wood for dash fabrication
	[X] Cut dash and air vent from template
	[X] Cut hole for glove box
	[X] Holes for components
		[X] Speedometer
		[X] Water temp gauge
		[X] Fuel gauge
		[X] Oil pressure gauge
		[X] Voltmeter
		[X] Wide band
		[X] Tach
		[X] Ignition panel
		[X] Indicator lights
	[ ] Staining
	[ ] Varnish

[ ] Dash top cover modification (Winter project)
	[X] Get single gauge pod
	[ ] Remove simili-leather fabric on top rail
	[ ] Cut top rail and gauge pod
	[ ] Glue top rail and gauge pod
	[ ] Fiberglass everything together
	[ ] Finish with Alcantara fabric

-----[ Milestone 4: Engine is running (Target: Beginning of June 2015)]-----

[X] Exhaust system
	[X] Custom Header (In development)
	[X] Purchase resonator
	[X] Purchase muffler (Ideally something with 2 tips that will be centered in the rear)
	[X] Get the car in an exhaust shop and get a custom exhaust system

[X] Brakes
	[X] Order new disks
	[X] Order new brake pads
	[X] Steel braided lines upgrade
	[X] Installation

[X] Wheels
	[X] Purchase 13x7" ET -7 Wheels
	[X] Purchase 175/50/13 tires
	[X] Rear spacers (1-1/4")

[X] Fenders
	[X] Annapolis Wheel Arches
	[X] Front lip from McLeans Bros
	[X] Fit arches/front lip to the Mini

[X] Alignment
	[X] Adjust ride height (front/rear)
	[X] Install KAD Steering limiter
	[X] Get long tie-rod ends and weld extension
	[X] Go to the alignment shop (took a rendez-vous)

-----[ Milestone 5: Wheels, fenders and brakes upgraded (Target: End of June 2015)]-----

-----[ Future Projects (Not in order) ]-----

	- Sunroof repair (fabric to be replaced)
	- Rear coilovers conversion
	- Roll cage
	- Dynamat Installation