My Mini B18C Type-R Spec R Build
by: Benoit Lefebvre

Mini B18C Build

Welcome to my build page for my B18C Type-R Spec R Mini

This page might not be the prettiest but it is meant to effective and easy to navigate.
Maybe one day I will make it more pleasing to the eyes.

A quick introduction and story of the mini..

A little bit about me.
  I am a previous owner of a R53 MINI by BMW
  A founder of a local Mini Cooper Owners Club: Club MINI Quebec

About the Mini
  At the end of 2013 I was planning on buying another R53 (2006 Competition Edition Chili Red), when a hockey accident happened and confined me to a couch for a couple of months
  Once I was getting better and had resumed my search, a friend of mine showed me his Classic Mini that he had and was perhaps interested in selling it. This is where I regained my enthusiasm for the Classic Mini and started researching
  Finally in february 2014 I saw a British Racing Green Mini freshly imported from Italy and I felt in love with it
  March 19, 2014, this car was in my possession and it's a real love story.
  Only 'problem' with the Mini is the fact that the 50hp 1275cc is far from what I enjoy in term of acceleration and this is where this vtec swap begins ;-)

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